Can I Hold The Mic: Sharing Stories of Sexual Assault & Harassment 4/30

Tuesday, April 30th, doors at 5:30pm, stories at 6:30pm, La Sala de Puerto Rico, W20-202


Violence Prevention & Response, in partnership with Graduate Women at MIT and PLEASURE, are hosting a storytelling event for members of the MIT community that have experienced sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, sexual violence, and/or have been a bystander in situations of this context.

“Can I Hold the Mic: Sharing Stories of Sexual Assault and Harassment” is an event inspired by Yarn@MIT Sloan. The intention is to raise awareness of these very real and very serious experiences while also creating an ongoing dialogue about what it means to support, believe, and advocate with and for people who have experienced sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Interested in sharing a story?

Please fill out this online form so we can work with you to ensure your story meets event guidelines and to coordinate logistics:

Submit your story:

Information on How to Participate in the Event

If you have a story about sexual violence, sexual harassment, or gender-based discrimination that you’re willing to share with the community, please share it through our online submission form. You could have experienced something directly or been a bystander or someone impacted by the experience. There are multiple ways to share your story at the storytelling event (as mentioned in the form below):

1) You can share it yourself and read it at the event
2) You can choose a friend or person you trust to read the story for you at the event
3) You can choose a volunteer (from a list embedded in the form below) to read it for you at the event

***You can decide not to share your story at any time.

Whether or not you decide to share your story, there are resources available. Feel free to reach out to VPR for support or with questions (617-253-2300 or or browse this guide produced by the Boston Rape Crisis Center on deciding to share your story.

Email with questions.