Throughout the month we’ll be hosting a variety of useful workshops, so please join us! We hope that in addition to valuable skills and information, these events will provide an informal opportunity to ask questions or talk to advocates from Violence Prevention and Response.

All workshops will provide food.

SAAM Survivor Kickoff: Survivors Only, Tues. April 5th in 5-231, 7:30-9pm
~Brought to you by VPR and the UA~

Sex, Dating and Intimacy After Trauma: Survivors Only, Tues. April 12th in 5-233, 7:30-9pm
~Brought to you by VPR and the UA~

Sexual Assault Affects Us All: an Event for Survivors and Supporters, Weds. 4/20 in 5-233, 7:30-9pm
~Brought to you by VPR~


Title IX Transformation: An intersectional look at gender violence on college campuses with Zoe Ridolfi-Starr from Know Your IX, Weds. April 6th in 32-155, 7:30-9pm
~Brought to you by the MIT Title IX office, OME, LGBTQ Office, and Know Your IX~

MIT TIX Transformation TalkYOUR Deal Breakers & Makers, Weds. April 6th in PDRs 1&2, 7:30-8:30pm
~Brought to you by Pleasure~

MIT-SAAM-Pleasure--Your-Deal-Makers_webJim Hopper: Neurobiology of Trauma, Weds. April 13th in 4-231, 7-9:30pm
~Brought to you by AEPhi and Radius~

MIT-SAAM-Neurobiology-of-Trauma-Poster_webAn All-Female Panel: Women in STEM Lunch, Thurs. April 14th in 32-144, 12:30-2:30pm
~Brought to you by Grad Peer Ambassadors and GW@MIT~

MIT-SAAM-Women-in-STEM-lunch_webFSILG Series: Beyond Consent, Thurs. April 14th in 4-270, 7:30-8:30pm
~Brought to you by PKT, Nu Delta, and Xi Fellowship~

MIT-FSILG-Beyond-Consent_webWildlike Screening: a film on childhood sexual abuse, Fri. April 15th, in 4-370 dinner @ 7, screening @ 7:30pm
~Brought to you by VPR and WGS~

MIT-SAAM-Wildlike_webFemale Sexuality and Empowerment, Weds. 4/20 in 4-270, 7:30-9pm
~Brought to you by Alpha Phi~


FSILG Series: Social & Cultural Causes of Sexual Violence, Thurs. April 21st in 4-270, 7:30-8:30pm
~Brought to you by VPR~

MIT-FSILG-Contextualizing-Sexual-Assault_webCreating a Culture You Want to See, Mon. 4/25 in 4-149, 7:30-9pm
~Brought to you by Pleasure~

MIT-SAAM-Pleasure--Creating-Cultural-Change_webBoys and Men Healing Screening: a documentary on male survivors of sexual violence, Tues. 4/26 in 4-237, dinner @ 7, screening @ 7:30pm
~Brought to you by the UA and MIT Men’s Group~

MIT-SAAM-Boys-and-Men-Healing_webFSILG Series: Gender Roles & Pizza Rolls, Thurs. April 28th in 4-270, 7:30-8:30pm
~Brought to you by Sigma Chi and Skullhouse~

MIT-FSILG-Gender-Roles_webThe Hunting Ground Screening: a documentary on campus sexual assault, Fri. 4/29 in 4-237, dinner @ 7, screening @ 7:30pm
~Brought to you by Zeta Psi and CARMA~